Could you be entitled to Veterans Benefits?

While still a very young country compared to others in the world, America has seen its fair share of war and conflict. Many of these wars were met with harsh criticism for entering into a foreign conflict at all.  Regardless of personal feeling and emotions, the men and women of the armed forces go where they are ordered to go and continuously put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that we can often times take for granted. As those veterans get older, we often forget that they need our help just as much, if not more, then we needed their help all those years ago.

For most of the newer generations, World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam era, and the Gulf War are things that will only be read about in history books. However, there are still a large number of men and women that are alive today who served our country throughout this very scary time in global history. What happens to these men and women when their health costs begin to dramatically rise because they consistently need more care? Where do families turn when they need to find something to bridge the gap between the money that they have to pay for health care costs and the money that a home health aide or an assisted living facility needs to be able to properly care for their beloved aged veteran?

Many family members do not realize that there is a pension program available for veterans who have served during wartime conflicts. While there are certain standards that each veteran must meet to be able to become eligible for, there is a program offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that could certain help the veteran and the veteran’s family with being able to offset the ever rising healthcare costs. The highest pension amount that can be received through this program for an eligible veteran is $2,120 per month. That is an additional $25,440 help in medical expenses per year! Furthermore, this program is also open to the widow of a wartime veteran (the surviving spouse) as their medical expenses begin to rise. The maximum pension amount for surviving spouses is $1,149 per month which equals out to a yearly benefit of $13,788.

As previously mentioned, there are certain criteria, both medically and financially, that a veteran or surviving spouse must meet in order to be able to qualify for these benefits. For example, medically, the veteran or surviving spouse must have at least two activities of daily living. While there are a multitude of examples that can be used as examples of activities of daily living the main ones are needing help walking, toileting, or bathing.  The veteran or surviving spouse must also meet certain financial criteria as well. This is an aspect of planning that Ms. Palermo-Smits will review with the client and family during your consultation and discuss what is the best route to take to assure that you can become eligible for this benefit. Finally, the veteran must have served for at least one day during any war time conflicts.

Veterans have done so much for our country. Being able to give back to them is always an honor. Guiding them through a Veterans Aid and Attendance application is a way that the Law Offices of AnnMarie Palermo-Smits is honored to be able to provide to our veterans. Please call our office today at (973) 256-1927 to set up your consultation about this wonderful ben

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